Imparare a vedere per scoprire

Articolo molto bello sulla difficoltà di cogliere novità

Paradosso: si nota quel che si conosce. Come si fa dunque a fare nuove scoperte?

Succo: So, crucially, some understanding of the expected signal usually exists prior to its detection: To be able to see, we must know what it is we’re looking for, and predict its appearance, which in turn influences the visual experience itself. The process of perception is thus a bit like a Cubist painting, a jumble of personal visual archetypes that the brain enlists from moment to moment to anticipate what our eyes are presenting to us, thereby elaborating a sort of visual theory. Without these patterns we are lost, adrift on a sea of chaos, with a deeply unsettling sense that we don’t know what we are looking at, yet with them we risk seeing only the familiar. How do we learn to see something that is truly new and unexpected?

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